Strongman Shorts V2 Black (2.5mm Neoprene)

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Our Strongman Shorts have had some NEW improvements:

  • Improved fit around hips and waist with a slightly shorter leg length
  • New reinforced hem added around the leg
  • Reinforced waistband

Our Strongman Shorts are designed to provide you with warmth and help to prevent injuries, strains and inflammations in the groin, hips, upper legs and lumbar region. They also provide compression to your upper legs, hips, groin and glutes to improve your athletic performance as well as aid recovery.

The nature of our neoprene and the shape and cut of our shorts will also give you some mechanical advantage in movements involving your lower body for a welcome performance boost. These shorts are favoured by Strongmen and Strongwomen for all of the above reasons but also due to the fact that they don't get in the way or caught on implements when you are training or competition. For example: when cleaning or picking up anything from the floor or when deadlifting your shorts will not wrap around the bar or drag against the bar when you are locking out. And we all know what it's like to have your shorts stuck to the atlas stone you're lifting! The tight fit and material properties of these shorts make these annoying situations a thing of the past.

CERBERUS Strongman Shorts are hard-wearing with reinforced stitching and a heavy duty waistband and offer a layer of protection against bumps and scrapes which is also part of the sport that is Strongman.


  • 2.5mm thick
  • Maximum Performance Enhancement
  • Fast Warm-Up & Retained Temperature
  • Increased Support & Stability
  • Reduced Risk of Injury
  • Premium Cerberus Quality

    Size Guide

    When standing, measure around your belly button to select your size. If you want an extremely tight fit then size down.

    Care Instructions

    Hand wash ONLY. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry.