HDC Lifting Straps

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Cerberus Heavy Duty Canvas Lifting Straps have been designed for durability and Grip. The unique canvas blend will really bite into the knurling on the bar making them suitable for all types of heavy lifting. The Heavy Duty construction is far stronger than standard/cheap cotton lifting straps and provides great Strength and Grip. Constructed from our unique cotton canvas blend webbing and with industrial strength stitching with the loop folded on the outside to improve the comfort.

The Big Boy size is perfect if you have big wrists /hands, for Axle Bar deadlifts or if you just prefer a wider longer strap which is great for extra bar coverage.

Great for exercises such as deadlifts, pull ups, pull downs, bent over rows or any barbell/dumbbell exercise requiring heavy grip.

  • Classic - 22"x1.5"
  • Big Boy - 29.5"x2"
  • Sold as a Pair