Grip Halo

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    The Cerberus Grip Halo is perfect for activation and strengthening. This highly versatile strength tool can also help to reduce hip pain and strengthen the smaller muscle groups around the hip. Due to the rubber weave the Grip Halo will not move or slide during use. Use your Grip Halo by walking forward, backward, and side to side with it in place. You can use it above or below the knee, above your ankle or on your quads. The Grip Halo is great as a specific warm up for squats and deadlifts by doing air squats, good mornings, glute bridges, abductions and adductions. The Grip Halo can be added to most lower body exercises as well as activating your glutes, engaging your hip rotators and helping to take pressure off your knees - and will stay in place no matter what you're doing!


    • Great for Glute Activation helping you move better and improve your performance
    • Coaching cue for knees out whilst squatting or sumo deadlifting
    • Improves muscular imbalance around the hip abductors, external rotators and glutes.
    • Great for lower body accessory movements
    • Slightly more resistance than our standard Hip Halo


     Hip Circle Size Bodyweight
    Medium Under 60kgs
    Large 60-110kgs
    Extra Large Over 110kgs