EXTREME Knee Wraps

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    The hardest and stiffest wraps in the Cerberus Strength range. These wraps offer MAXIMUM support and MAXIMUM stopping power at the bottom of your squat, these wraps will stop you dead! These wraps are ideal for MAXIMUM weight e.g. 1 RM or heavy doubles and triples and will add weight to your squat.

    Made from our cutting edge woven elastic fabric technology. These wraps provide an extremely secure fit and eliminate folding, collapsing and pinching. They are very hard and provide a POWERFUL stiff cast around your knee joint!

    The perfect choice for wider stance slow squatters.

    Warning! These wraps are definitely not for beginners, and have been engineered for huge weights!

    Cerberus EXTREME Knee Wraps are Perfect for:

    • Powerlifting (3m Now Approved in WPC/BPU)
    • Strongman / Strongwoman (Max Weight Events ONLY)

    Approved for: