7mm Neoprene Underbelt

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The CERBERUS 7mm Neoprene Underbelt has been designed to add an extra layer of support under your current belt. Providing warmth, compression, extra support and stability. To be used in conjunction with your lever belt, prong belt, deadlift belt or our 8mm Nylon Belt to keep your core locked in place for heavy events like yoke, log press as well as exercises like heavy squats and deadlifts. It will also help to improve your form when lifting heavy giving you better posture and coordination.  

Our Underbelt is constructed from the same unique neoprene as our 7mm Back Support belt. Its anatomical shape with added belt loops to keep the belt that you have over your under belt in place and provides you with the best support and comfort. Strong Velcro means that putting on the under belt is easy. Pull it tight and cross it over itself until it fits snug. Then tighten the belt you are using over it and you are ready to go!

This Underbelt is NOT designed to be worn on its own, it is to be used under another belt. If you are looking for a neoprene belt to be worn on it's own, consider our 7mm Neoprene Back Support Belt which has been specifically designed for this purpose.


  • Maximum Performance Enhancement
  • Fast Warm-Up & Retained Temperature
  • Perfect for extra support for max effort lifting
  • Increased Support & Stability
  • Reduced Risk of Injury
  • Pain Relief


To choose your size measure around the largest part of your abdomen where you will wear your belt. Do not pull the tape too tight, take your measurement with your abdomen relaxed (no sucking in or pushing out.) If you’re in between sizes both will be fine. We would suggest that you consider what your goals and expectations are for any future physique changes ie weight gain or cuts.

If you would like a very tight fit then simply choose a size down.

Care Instructions

Hand wash ONLY. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry.