Dual-Ply Húsafell Sandbag

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Our New CERBERUS Húsafell Sandbags are packed with all the cutting edge features of our tried and tested 3rd generation Dual-Ply Sandbag technology. Made from the latest and strongest materials available on the market today these are a Competition Grade Sandbags that can handle even the most demanding Strongman Training Sessions.

These awesome bags are engineered to a similar shape as the legendary Húsafell Stone but with the convenience and versatility of a sandbag. They can be used indoors or outdoors and can be dropped on most floors making these bags the perfect choice no matter what your training situation is; at the gym, outdoors or even for your home gym setup. They can also be emptied out, moved, refilled and used again as many times as you want making these a very portable product. We have made multiple sizes which means you can pick the best weight for your strength/training needs and this also means that you can build up your strength to the heaviest bags and even prepare for an attempt at the real Húsafell stone!

Each bag has a built-in liner bag for added strength and convenience. Our unique double sealing system means no need for any extra liners, tape or cable ties. The extra strength double Velcro roll down seal on the inner liner bag means a secure, leak-free seal. Closed with a quality YKK zip and sealed with our signature double overlapping Velcro straps for maximum hold! Due to each bag being specifically sized for each weight they are packed tight with no heavy spots or loose empty spots in the bag. As each CERBERUS Húsafell Sandbag is sized, all you need to do is fill your bag to the max capacity and that’s it, you are ready to rock!


  • Unique outer seal with heavy duty YKK zip (world's best zipper brand)
  • Signature extra strength double overlocking Velcro straps for maximum hold
  • Made from our 1050D CORDURA® Nylon Ballistic Fabric (strongest material available and not to be confused with cheaper 1000D regular fabric used by other manufacturers).
  • Quadrupled stitched with bonded nylon thread eliminating any spillage
  • Double Velcro roll down seal, making the sandbag leak free, quicker and cleaner to close
  • Internal bracing to hold the classic Húsafell shape
  • Much more cost effective and convenient vs Steel or Concrete Húsafells
  • Individual Sizes - No Scales Required!
  • No Additional Liner Required - Simply Fill Up & Go
  • The same features and cutting edge materials as our renowned Dual Ply V3 Sandbag


  • Superb functional training tool for conditioning and muscular endurance.
  • Awesome for Strength in your hands, arms, upper & lower back and legs. A true full body workout.
  • Simulates the Historical Húsafell Stone lifting in a much more cost effective and convenient format.

How to fill your Húsafell Sandbag

1. Open out your Sandbag & open the inner bag.
2. Now fill your Sandbag until your bag is full and packed tight, we suggest coarse sand. Please note that the loadable weight of the bag depends on the density and size of the media being used. Certain media may cause the overall weight of the bag to be greater than or less than the projected weight capacity.
3. Seal the inner bag Velcro, roll down and press down and seal again against the inner Velcro.
4. Push the inner seal inside, shut the zip and close over the external double Velcro straps.


The Húsafell Stone is a legendary lifting stone weighing 186 kg (410 lb) and is located in a west country farming estate in Húsafell, Iceland. The slightly triangular, slab shaped stone is kept at a sheep and goat pen. It's original purpose was to act as the gate to the sheep and goat pen, ensuring the animals remain in the pen without escaping built from natural stones by Reverend Snorri Björnsson in the early 19th century, and was made famous by the legend of his daughter Guðný Snorradóttir carrying it. The stone has been used as a test of physical strength ever since.