Atlas Grip Spray

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CERBERUS Atlas Grip Spray is a uniquely formulated spray-on grip product with similar properties to tacky yet is easy and convenient to apply. It is an all-round grip product with multiple applications. It's main use is under your stone sleeves to prevent movement and help eliminate the need for tape. This will help improve your performance and never miss those last reps or heavy stone PBs due to slippage. It is also a great grip aid on events like tyre flip and it is even strong enough to use on it's own when doing light stone training. It sprays on with ease and comes off easy with CERBERUS Atlas tacky remover.

  • Easy spray-on application
  • Eliminates the need for tape around your sleeves
  • Improves your stone lifting performance
  • Can be use as grip aid in some strongman events*
  • Handmade in small batches in the UK
  • 60ml Spray Bottle

Please Note

For external use only.
Keep away from eyes.
Always carry out a small patch test on your skin 24 hours before using the product.
If any negative effects arise, stop use immediately and ask a doctor if symptoms persist. Do not use if allergic to pine sap, pollen or denatured alcohol.
*Always check the competition rules with the event organiser.
We would not recommend using this product on knurled barbells. This is a sticky spray and can cause clogging or dirt to be attracted to it please be mindful what you use it on.