Classic Olympic Weightlifting Belt

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    This style of belt has been around for decades and is particularly popular in the Olympic Weightlifting and bodybuilding communities.  Originally used for Olympic Weightlifting, it has a classic shape with a large back portion that tapers down to just 2.5” wide in the front and sides. This means it has a great support while reducing the belt’s overall bulk thus reducing the chance of obstruction during the Clean & Jerk or Snatch movements. This unique shape also allows the lifter to have more movement in the hips, resulting in more comfort and an increased range of movement helping to get maximum depth for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

    This feature makes this belt perfect for anyone looking for more comfort and a better range of movement. Bodybuilders have adopted this shape because it allows for deeper squats, hack squats, leg press, lunges or any lower body movement with improved comfort. It can also feel much more comfortable to certain individuals when doing rows and deadlifts, whilst still giving strong support.

    8mm thick, 4inches wide tapering to 2.5 inches with a seamless roller for easy tightening.

    Features & Benefits

    • Classic Tapered shape for improved comfort
    • Designed to allow bigger range of movement
    • Industrial grade buckle with seamless roller
    • Double Prong Design
    • Embossed CERBERUS Logo
    • Strengthened Stitching
    • Increased Support & Stability
    • Reduced Risk of Injury


    To choose your size simply measure around the largest part of your abdomen where you will wear your belt. Do not pull the tape too tight, take your measurement with your abdomen relaxed (no sucking in or pushing out.)
    If you’re in between sizes both will be fine. We would suggest that you consider what your goals and expectations are for any future physique changes ie weight gain or cuts.