Performance Wrist Wraps

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    Performance Wrist Wraps are made from top quality material and are a robust wrist support for all types of training and sport. They provide firm support for the wrists to enhance any of your pressing movements or any exercise/sport that puts pressure on the wrist. They are tough, long lasting and very comfortable.

    Ideal for Bench Pressing, Shoulder Pressing or any Pressing Movement. Also great for supporting your wrists while Squatting.

    • Available in 2 Sizes 14" & 24"
    • Left & Right designs for equal wrapping of each wrist
    • Extra strength 2" wide Velcro
    • Classic Thumb Loop Design
    • Sold as a Pair

    Cerberus Performance Wrist Wraps are Perfect for:

    • Powerlifting
    • Olympic lifting
    • Strongman / Strongwoman
    • Crossfit
    • Bodybuilding

    Pro Tips

    • Use Wrist Wraps for Bench Pressing, Shoulder pressing and any Pressing movement to improve joint position by preventing hyper-extension.
    • Squatting with wrist wraps allows the wraps to absorb the load instead of your elbows and wrists. You can also keep a closer grip which lets you keep your upper back tighter and there is less chance of the bar moving.
    • Deadlifting with wrist wraps may help to hold the wrist in a flexed position. When the wrist is flexed, it is harder to open the hand, thus giving you a bit of help with your grip.

    Why Use Wrist Wraps?

    Wrist Wraps allowing you to train heavier with more confidence as well as protecting your wrists and preventing injuries.

    Recent studies between 1990 and 2007 on weight training injuries to the wrist suggest that wrist wraps can reduce or prevent several types of wrist injuries:

    •     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    •     Syndesmosis
    •     Tendonitis
    •     Wrist Strain


        14" - 14" Wrap with 4" Velcro - Total Length 18" / 46cm
        24" - 24" Wrap with 4" Velcro - Total Length 28" / 71cm

    Please note the sizing above makes it easier for our powerlifting customers who have maximum lengths to consider as part of their federation rules. These different lengths also allow you pick a size that best suits your needs and personal preference.

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