ELITE Knee Wraps

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    CERBERUS Elite Knee Wraps are very stiff wrap providing strong cast and stopping power as well as good rebound. These wraps are a step up from our Ultra Knee Wraps and harness the stored energy out of the bottom of your squat. These wraps provide an extremely secure fit and eliminate folding, collapsing and pinching. These will definately add weight to your squat and are the perfect choice for experienced lifters looking for their next PR!

    As used by Connor Marston in his UK Record 400Kg Raw with Wraps Squat!

    Elite Knee Wraps are more suited to a slower neutral stance squatter or a faster wider stance squatter.

    Cerberus ELITE Knee Wraps are Perfect for:

    • Powerlifting (3m now approved in WPC/BPU)
    • Strongman / Strongwoman

    Approved for: