CERBERUS Strongman Grip Shirt

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Our Strongman Grip Shirt is designed to give you maximum grip on Strongman implements to improve your performance. We've made our Grip Shirt from a premium heavy cotton and spandex material blend, not to be confused with cheaper cotton/lycra shirts on the market.

With a fully covered front panel of grip, it helps massively in events like Stones, Log, Axle, Sandbags, Húsafell Stone or any event that involves you holding something against your body. The worst thing that can happen during an event is slippage. This can lead to you losing precious time in competition, missing a lift or rep or not getting that extra meter when carrying an object. The extra grip that you get from the CERBERUS Strongman Grip Shirts allows you to transfer more power into your Log or Axle Clean  boosting mechanical advantage. No more slipping when loading stones or sandbags.

The back panel has the iconic DEFEAT DESTROY DEVOUR tagline with full grip coverage of your traps, shoulders and lats. This is excellent for events like giant dumbbell, which you rest on your shoulder and trap. Again, the last thing you want is for that dumbbell to slip, wasting time and energy to get it back into place. The back panel is also perfect for Yoke. Yoke is normally one of the heaviest events in competition and keeping it secure and in position will allow you to move faster and with more confidence. The back panel will also help to prevent bar slippage during squats and boost mechanical advantage during bench pressing.

The CERBERUS Strongman Grip Shirt is a real must for getting the edge in competition. They improve safety and allow you to perform at your best.


  • High quality cotton and spandex material blend
  • Unique grip pattern with full front and partial back panel
  • Strong & Durable construction to withstand the rigours of our sport
  • Gives you the mechanical advantage to boost your performance


Your Grip Shirt should be worn snug for the best performance. We suggest ordering a shirt 2 sizes smaller than your normal size. So if you are normally a 2XL T-shirt then order a Large. When receiving your shirt, do not remove the protective film until you have tried it on and are happy with the size just in case your need to exchange for another size.

Care Instructions

Wash at 30 degrees, DO NOT IRON, Air Dry Only.